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A 1613 AutoBook is a book that readers can autograph, share with others and return to its original owner--like a yearbook or travel log. It's part of our plan to re-familiarize people to literature while increasing the value of physical books and recognition of unknown authors. As such, we invite you to have us prepare your manuscript and book cover, which you can sell on Amazon or elsewhere. In exchange for your business, we grant you the non-exclusive right to use the 1613 AutoBook trademark for your own production, publishing and distribution means. Of course, the submission of your book is subject to review. After paying a small fee, if approved, we'll send you non-editable (Microsoft) Word and PDF files to send to printers. The final product will resemble our first autobook. At no point will you lose the rights to your work.
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If approved, pay a fee and obtain a license

Wait for us to build a layout and cover

Receive your files and publish your book

Manuscript must contain 10,000 to 20,000 words

Text must contain a limited amount of grammatical and/or literary errors

You must own or have permission to use all the rights in your submission

We're open to accepting virtually any genre

Once published, your title will appear on our Productions page

Your association with the 1613 AutoBook brand will make your product easier to sell

Fee Estimates (based on submission size)   ?
50 MBs or less
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101 - 150 MBs
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