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Faster Reacting Toys (1613 AutoBook #2)

RATING:   Rating > 16+ > Intended for mature audiences
STEIN: A301001C2
PUBLISHED BY: 1613 Productions
PLACE OF ORIGIN: United States of America
UPC / ISBN: 9798674228202

Digital Audiobook

A new cell phone, which does everything an ordinary phone can do and many things it can't do, has entered the valley town of Clery. It's called the Pseudopod. Everybody who's anybody is getting one--including Dane Freitag. Within a week, he discovers that the Pseudopods may be influencing people in disturbing, frightening ways. That the devices may be responsible for changes in people's speech, behavior and desires. As a resident of the phone's test market, Dane must unravel the truth of the Pseudopod before its power becomes unbeatable. Will he succeed?

The book includes pages that readers can autograph and share with other readers, so recipients can do the same. This particular book is the second in a series of 1613 AutoBooks.

From the Creator(s)
I started writing "Faster Reacting Toys" in November 2019. Despite the story's ending, I had no knowledge of what would strike the world in early 2020. I wrote that part after the fact. Like "The Hungry Man," the concept of this book came from a dream I had years ago; however, the idea (of this story) came from my moving to west Washington. I left Spokane, Washington after accepting a job. It was my very first salaried, fully-benefited role. Although I excelled rather quickly, I grew confused by the mixed signals that I received from colleagues. People talked as though they liked their jobs, but walked around as though they didn't. Additionally, there seemed to have been a sort of unspoken rule that inhibited concern, criticism and individuality. Upon returning to retail and blue-collar society, I discovered the same signals that had permeated my white-collar world--as if "happiness" were the exclusive property of the 1% of whatever pervaded the land.

My objective (with this book) was to--as I often told co-workers and other people--create an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" for the 21st century. "Faster Reacting Toys" is what I came up with. Although I'm a staunch supporter of originality, I'm also a believer in the recognition of people and things that inspire. Clery County was inspired by Seattle, Renton and Sumner, Washington and Tempe, Arizona; the characters were loosely based on people from my life. I classify "Faster Reacting Toys" as tech-fiction (or te-fi) and its narrative as a kind of fourth-person. I've always felt that the narrator of a story--identified or not--should have just as much character as the book's characters or locations.
Author(s): Anthony R. Wilbourne :: Artwork: Anthony Wilbourne