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The Legend of the Apartment Invaded (Audiobook)
RATING:   Rating > 13+ > Intended for audiences under adult supervision
STEIN: A301001B2
PLACE OF ORIGIN: United States of America
Digital Audiobook


A woman returns home for another night of unrelenting torment from her rowdy neighbor. While settling in, she not only discovers that he's throwing a wild party but also that her apartment isn't quite the way she left it. Could her neighbor be responsible? If so, for what reason? This story is the first of a series of lost urban legends.

About This Product
I, the author, have always found urban legends and campfire-esque tales fascinating. I've heard all the popular ones, such as "The Hook", "The Kidney Heist", "The Sewer Gators", etc., but while considering this project, I remembered other legends, local legends, that weren't part of the modern canon. Because the basic function of an urban legend is to "keep things out" and not "in", I felt it was appropriate to stage (this story) in the eyes and mind of its storyteller, a young adult, probably a college student, whose understanding of the world at large is defined by few experiences, limited knowledge and personal attitudes. The rest of the legends (mentioned in the book's introduction) will be told from others in the storyteller's group.
Author(s): Angela Riteman :: Narrator: Jenny Hammond :: Music: Kevin MacLeod :: Artwork: Anthony Wilbourne