The Legend of the Apartment Invaded + Floating to the End

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The Legend of the Apartment Invaded + Floating to the End
eBook Cover (4th edition)
Author(s) Angela Riteman & Anthony R. Wilbourne
Cover Artist Anthony Wilbourne
Editor Anthony Wilbourne
Country USA
Language English
Genre Thriller & Sci-fi
Words 3,000
Publisher 1613 Productions (A.K.A. 1613 Enterprises)
Pub. Date March 7, 2016 & March 31, 2018
Media Type(s) eBook, Audiobook

The Legend of the Apartment Invaded is a short serialized thriller written by Anthony Wilbourne under the pen name of Angela Riteman; Floating to the End is an apocalyptic flash fiction story written by Anthony Wilbourne as himself with the middle initial included. The former, through its narrator and others, tells the legend of a woman who is harassed by an obnoxious neighbor in an inner-city apartment. The latter shows the memories, thoughts and actions of two young adults as they approach their impending doom. The book itself is approximately 3,000 words. The first half of it is part of a bigger yet-to-be-published work entitled "The Book of Lost Urban Legends." The second half is a unconnected (or add-on) story [1]. Subsequent lost urban legends, if published as individual books, will contain other add-on stories [2]. The book's currently available in ebook and audiobook forms although "Floating to the End" has yet to be included in the audiobook [3].


"The Legend of the Apartment Invaded" and "Floating to the End" were rejected by the literary magazines to which Wilbourne submitted them. Clarkesworld and Asimov's told him in a very generic way that the two stories didn't suit their needs. "Floating to the End" was submitted to a third magazine, Daily Science Fiction. According to its editors, they "reviewed many strong stories that we did not take. Either the fit was wrong or we'd just taken tales with a similar theme or any of a half dozen other reasons" [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]. Like with "The Hungry Man", Wilbourne self-published "The Legend of the Apartment Invaded" as a Kindle ebook in 2016 [9]. He later published "Floating to the End" as an add-on (to the ebook) [1]. As of February 28, 2021, "The Legend of the Apartment Invaded + Floating to the End" holds a 2 out of 5 star average rating on Goodreads [10]. No sales records are available at this time.

About the Book

"The Legend of the Apartment Invaded" uses its narrator, Lisa, to frame the story. By explaining her characters--particularly the main one, Sues--she indirectly exposes her own tastes, prejudices and fears. Through Sues, we learn about Lisa. "Floating to the End" is interlaced with clips from the characters' lives as if flashing before their eyes and events presently surfacing. It isn't revealed until the very end what is actually happening. The story takes place in the small fictional town of Tucker, which--although it was inspired by Coeur d'Alene, Idaho--seems to reside somewhere near Miles City, Montana [1] [11].

About the Author

According to Amazon, Wilbourne has "always found this kind of folklore fascinating because an urban legend, unlike an original story, stems from multiple sources--becoming bigger and more unique with every rendition and constantly satirizing the human condition." He goes on to state that "Because the basic function of an urban legend is to 'keep things out' and not 'in', I felt it was appropriate to stage (this story) in the eyes and mind of its storyteller, a young adult, probably a college student, whose understanding of the world at large is defined by few experiences, limited knowledge and personal attitudes" [11]. With "The Legend of the Apartment Invaded", he wanted to create a new urban legend that enthusiasts of the genre could accept as canon. The juxtaposition of the storyteller (or narrator) and the characters is a device he plans to implement in the rest of his lost urban legends. "Floating to the End" came to Wilbourne during a writing session he held with his friend one weekend. Before than, one of Wilbourne's co-workers told him about an online magazine that accepted flash fiction. She claimed that, because it was publicly funded, his probability of selling a story would be higher than it was with the magazines to which he had previously submitted. The only catch was that his submission couldn't exceed 1,500 words. An idea for a longer version of "Floating to the End" had been dancing in Wilbourne's mind lately, so he more or less used its climax as the vehicle that drove the short story [2]. In 2013, he served as a crowd-funder for the comedy horror film "Witch's Brew", written and directed by Chris LaMartina, [12] and, in 2016, founder of 1613 Enterprises (formerly 1613 Enterprises, LLC), [13] parent company of Shelve and My Own Private Hollywood [14].


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