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The Hungry Man (2015)
eBook Cover (8th edition)
Author(s) Justin Ryan
Cover Artist Anthony Wilbourne
Country USA
Language English
Genre Horror, Thriller
Publisher 1613 Productions (A.K.A. 1613 Enterprises)
Pub. Date April 14, 2015
Media Type(s) eBook, Audiobook, Paperback, CD

The Hungry Man is a short body-horror story written by Anthony Wilbourne under the pseudonym of Justin Ryan. It's told primarily in first-person by the protagonist, recounting the circumstances surrounding his friend's demise and own near-death. The book's split into two disproportionate chapters: After and Before. The former relays the dialogue of a local TV news segment that took place immediately after the incident, and the latter depicts the protagonist, whom the author never identifies, telling the reader his story, as if interviewed by somebody inquisitive. The book's approximately 10,000 words and available in ebook, audiobook, CD and paperback forms. The Hungry Man is the first story to take place in Wilbourne's fictitious locale of Wessex County, USA [1] [2] [3].


The protagonist, a 30-something-year-old man with a lust for younger men, has just finished inspecting a new apartment somewhere in West Wessex. He--who's also the book's narrator--describes the neighborhood as "bright, pristine" and having an " anachronistic charm." After completing the rental application and submitting a security deposit, he returns home to discover that his fiancée is pregnant. He takes the news poorly, argues with her and leaves his current residence. He meanders downtown before meeting an attractive, nomadic male trick near an old trail behind a local community college. Upon reaching his and the trick's hideaway, the protagonist discovers a mutilated but able-bodied cannibal, whom he frequently calls "the beast", devouring his friend. He tries to help him by throwing a rock at the madman but only provokes him to pursue a new target. The frightened protagonist runs into the light-deprived woods where "the trees grew taller, the rocks and bushes looked bigger, and the sky seemed smaller." The chase ends with the accidental death of a male cruiser. The protagonist, having recently reported the murders, returns to the college with a couple police officers. The beast deceives the officers and attempts to devour the protagonist. The protagonist cleverly incapacitates and shoots the beast dead...or so he thought. The story ends with an epilogue detailing a criminal trial against the protagonist, the media's departure from the case, the public's fascination with the event and everybody's disregard for the protagonist's dear friend and lover, the trick.


"The Hungry Man" was rejected by two online literary magazines, Tor and Sanitarium, before Wilbourne chose to distribute it via Amazon. The editors basically told him that, although the story showed promise, it wasn't quite right for their magazines." [4] [5] The short story was published as a Kindle ebook by 1613 Productions, LLC on April 14, 2015. Currently, it holds a 3.75 out of 5 star-rating on GoodReads [6], a 5 out of 5 on Audible [7] and a 2 out of 5 on Amazon Canada [8]. No sales records are available at this time.

About the Book

"The Hungry Man" is sprinkled with nods to earlier movies, songs and characters. In paragraph eight of the Before chapter, the protagonist makes a reference to the song "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. In paragraph forty (of Before), while describing his chase with the beast, he ridicules the women in horror films that'd usually trip and fall in similar situations. In paragraph thirty-five, he paraphrases a line from the animated movie " How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The book also contains social commentary, criticizing such entities as the mainstream media, corporate America and law enforcement. The news report in the After chapter possesses a rushed, sensationalist style arguably characteristic to Fox, MSNBC and other such networks. In paragraph eleven of Before, the protagonist describes his employer's business practices as being similar to those of Walmart's. Towards the end of the book, he alludes to a police force that is occasionally incompetent and a justice system that's quick to unfairly prosecute than fairly investigate. The book also touches on matters of addiction, monogamy, sexual desire and socioeconomic inequality.

About the Author

According to, Wilbourne defines "The Hungry Man" as "a literary homage to classic horror movies with the protagonist's--or victim's--gender flipped and the killer's sexuality ambiguous. My objective (with this work) is to expand the audience and broaden the landscape of horror, mystery and thrillers." He, in 2013, served as a crowd-funder for the comedy horror film Witch's Brew, written and directed by Chris LaMartina, [9] and, in 2015, founder of 1613 Enterprises, LLC, [10] parent company of Shelve and My Own Private Hollywood. [11]


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