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This page displays all the productions creatives have contributed to our wiki. Productions include movies, books, music and more--produced by us (1613 Productions) or other creatives/creative companies. The GREAT THING about posting your project here is that you don't have to worry about Wikipedia DELETING YOUR ARTICLE because it isn't "notable" enough.

If you'd like prospective watchers, readers or listeners to learn about your production, feel free to create an account if you haven't already and email your article to us.



To ensure that your content appears to your liking, please include any specific formatting, such as bold, capped and linked text, in your email submission. Otherwise, we'll assume that you want plain text only. If you'd like an infobox, include the necessary details, such as Directed by, Author, Studio, etc. Our infoboxes closely resemble those on Wikipedia. If you have an image, please upload it to Wikimedia Commons and include its link.
For example, your email could resemble:

My production submission with special formatting and links

Small Title = {{ The small title }}
Image ={{ Your image }}
Caption = {{ The caption }}
Directed by = {{ The director }}
Produced by = {{ The producer }}
Screenplay by = {{ The screenwriter(s) }}
Starring = {{ The star(s) }}
Music by = {{ The musician(s) }}
Cinematography = {{ The cinematographer }}
Edited by = {{ The editor }}
Production company = {{ The production Company(ies) }}
Distributed by = {{ The distributor }}
Release date = {{ The release date }}