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This page contains advertisements regarding physical items users are looking to swap (or trade) for other (physical) items. Think of this category as a kind of Craig's List for reusable products. Since the purpose of this section is to develop a new mode of exchange, authors of these ads CAN NOT ASK for cash payments, tangible or otherwise. 1613 Enterprises would like to develop its own alternative currency with which certain products can be bought or sold. Because of its proprietary status, details about this (new) currency are unavailable. To post an ad, create an account if you haven't already and email your ad to us.


  • Our next big swap (coming soon)

To ensure that your content appears to your liking, please include any specific formatting, such as bold, capped and linked text, in your email submission. Otherwise, we'll assume that you want plain text only.
For example, your email could resemble:

My advertisement with special formatting and links